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Student Outside Employment


Miscellaneous Policies and Information

Date Approved and/or Revised

November 5, 2014 (revised); September 28, 2015 (revised); November 16, 2016 (revised); July 24, 2018 (revised)

Student Outside Employment. The law school strongly recommends that first-year students not undertake outside employment. Except as authorized by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, no student shall undertake outside employment exceeding 20 hours per week in which the student is enrolled in twelve or more credit hours. Employment is not considered an excuse for poor grades or class attendance or preparation, and students whose employment is interfering with academic requirements will be required to reduce their working hours or withdraw from school until such time as they can attend with fewer hours of employment. Students on scholastic probation may not be employed outside of the law school for compensation without the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Associate Dean for Student Life.

Externships for Pay and Credit. The law school will not grant credit to a student in an externship for which the student receives compensation beyond reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related to the externship. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine whether the compensation offered is reasonable for out-of-pocket expenses by considering the geographic location of the externship and the cost-of-living in that location, travel expenses to and from the location of the externship, travel expense reimbursement rates allowed by the University, the nature of the relationship between the student and externship provider, the type of assignments likely to be given to the student, and other factors that the Associate Dean considers relevant.