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Musicology Report: AMS/SMT 2018

Justin R. Glosson

December 18, 2018

The AMS/SMT 2018 musicology division participants, with Dr. J. Peter Burkholder at center.

In November 2018, the Musicology division of the School of Music made the journey to San Antonio to the AMS/SMT Annual Meeting.

Musicology Momentum

From November 1-4, 2018 the Musicology division of the Texas Tech University School of Music made the in-state journey to San Antonio to participate in and attend the American Musicological Society/Society of Music Theorists Annual Meeting. In honor of this amazing journey, all School of Music media marketing was turned over for a #MusicologyTakeover! (Hop on over to Instagram and follow us at @TTUSchoolofMusic for some of the best ones!)

The conference lasted for four days and included amazing presentations from the incorporation of music and dance, film score, Pacific Island musical culture, Aquitanian Polyphony, performance methods of 1600s flute repertoire, music perception, hundreds of theory analyses, and so much more. The great San Antonio cuisine was pretty delicious, too.

Along with amazing presentations, the musicology division met with Dr. J. Peter Burkholder. (Does that name sound familiar? Check out your A History of Western Music textbook!)

Dr. Burkholder shared his expertise on the inclusion of future musicological knowledge in the next edition of A History of Western Music, as well as motivations for exclusions and inclusions of the previous editions. This was valuable insight for our researchers as we go forward, understanding not only the field we are entering but some of the important considerations that must be made before information must be included and published – insights that were best received from one of the strongest names in the field.

Dr. Christopher J. Smith, division head, had the following to say: "It was very encouraging and inspiring to see a wide and diverse range of our TTU Ethno/Musicology students interacting with scholars and peers in panels, round-tables, and informal interactions. I was especially glad to introduce TTU students to my own mentor and dissertation advisor, J Peter Burkholder, author of—among many other scholarly titles—the Norton "History of Western Music" (formerly Grout/Palisca). Dr Burkholder was charming and receptive, and our students acquitted themselves very well. I was very proud of the TTU Crew!"  

It was an exciting and stimulating trip, and we hope to continue the tradition next year, in Boston, MA, with the 2019 convention! Look for the #RedRaidersontheRoad tag in social media to follow more amazing stories like this.

Musicology Murmurs

We decided to include some nerdy trivia and jokes in honor of the division. We make no promises.

What is Schoenberg's drink of choice?
Gin – with no Tonic.

What genre of music was in The Matrix?

Knock Knock. Who's there? Philip Glass.
Knock Knock. Who's there? Philip Glass.
Knock Knock...

Knock Knock. Who's there? Steve Reich.
Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock Who.
Knock Who's- ock Who's the- ock Who's there
– Who's there? Who's there? o's there? St- o's there? Ste...


Image Caption: The AMS/SMT 2018 musicology division participants, with Dr. J. Peter Burkholder at center.