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Media Production

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Hemmle Recital Hall


Recital Recording

All degree recitalsfaculty recitals, and major ensemble concerts in Hemmle Recital Hall or Choir Room are automatically recorded (both audio and video) at no cost.

Many of above performances are also live streamed or uploaded onto the SoM YouTube Channel (subject to licensing of copyrighted music).

Note: Non-degree recitals, guest performances, and masterclasses are NOT automatically recorded.

You can check the calendar to see if your recital is scheduled for recording.

If sound reinforcement using PA speaker(s) is required or if you have any special requests, please contact our studio manager at least two weeks before your recital/concert.

After Your Recital

The recording as your "academic record" will be stored in the SoM Digital Media Archive (on the University's secure cloud server), and an access link to your media file(s) will be delivered to your TTU email address within one week.

The University will hold the Master Rights of the recording. You may request a permission to use the recording (subject to licensing of copyrighted music).


  • Hemmle Recital Hall (RM 101)
  • Choir Room (RM 010)
  • Media Production Studio (RM 203)
  • Media Production Studio Control Room (RM 201)
  • Media Production Director's Office/Mastering Studio (RM 113)
  • Computer Lab (RM 125)


  • Prof. Hideki Isoda, Director of Media Production/Tonmeister/Producer
  • Dr. Neemias Santos, Media Production Studio Manager/Engineer
  • Student Engineers: Chris Eshbaugh, David Evans, Cayden Garvey, Saikat Karmakar, and Austin Spencer

Our Equipment and Technology

In 2020, we began major updates in our production facilities. Concert venues and studios are now connected via Dante and NDI networks for the highest quality and efficient audio and video production. Here are some examples of our new equipment in service today.

  • Dante Mic Pre-Amps/ADC: multiple units of Focusrite RedNet MP8R and X2P (up to 32 channels)
  • Master clock: BLACK LION AUDIO Micro Clock MKIII XB
  • A range of Microphone brands that we use the most: Schoeps, DPA, Neumann, and Royer
  • Panasonic Professional 4K cameras

We are also extending the Dante Audio Network to some of the practice rooms and classrooms for synchronous remote lessons, ensemble practices, and recording projects.