Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact for IT Help?

For problems with your eRaider account, laptop OS issues (e.g. viruses), or Blackboard problems, email or call IT Help Central at 806.742.4357.

If you are having problems with Mediasite, Parallels or printing at Rawls College, please email rawlshelp@ttu.edu, call 806.742.3188, or stop by the reception office in the Dean's Suite (259) and ask for IT assistance.

What IT equipment is expected of me?

Every student is required to own a laptop capable of running the latest version of Windows. Some professors teach Windows specific applications that do not have the same features when running on Apple computers. Minimum laptop requirements can be reviewed at dell.com/raiders.

What is Parallels Remote Access Server?

Parallels is an application server housed at the Rawls College of Business which offers students such software applications as SAS and SAS Enterprise Miner. Professors teaching Parallels applications will request that the students in their class be granted permissions to these specific software programs.

How do I print?

Rawls College students are granted a printing quota each semester based upon the number of credit hours they are enrolled in. If after reviewing the printing instructions you need additional help, please email rawlshelp@ttu.edu or stop by the reception office in the Dean's Suite (259) and ask for IT assistance.

Additionally, two WEPA™ (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) stations are available in the college. One is located on the first floor in the west hallway, and the second is located in the basement west hallway.

Using the WEPA™ Mobile App, you can print files from your phone or from cloud storage sources like Google Drive and OneDrive. Select your files to print and your payment method, and all you have to do is tap your phone or swipe your card to release your documents. For further information regarding this new capability, please review a WEPA™ tutorial.

Can student groups post to digital signage in the Rawls?

All members of the Rawls College community can submit digital signage requests. Review submission guidelines and submit a request.

My professor says my class is being captured for later viewing. How do I access those videos?

If your professor utilizes Mediasite, they will provide you with a direct link to access your course-specific content, typically through Blackboard or the course syllabus. If you cannot locate your link, please contact your professor directly.

How do I access required student polling technology?

Many courses utilize TurningPoint. You will need to purchase a license to utilize this technology. 



Does Rawls College offer “Lecture Capture” capability?

Every classroom within Rawls College is equipped with Mediasite recording technology. To provide students with a recording of class lectures, contact our Multimedia Specialists.

Can I create a personal website to host class materials?

Class materials can be posted to Blackboard. Please contact Rawls College eLearning for more information about Blackboard course building and training.

How do I access the podium equipment in Rawls College classrooms?

You must first request access to a video training. When you have completed the training, please email a Multimedia Specialist who will then send you a code to unlock the podium. If you run into problems with the podium equipment during class, please call 806.834.2227.

Does Rawls College offer “student polling” technology?

TurningPoint software is available to all faculty. To determine the polling solution within TurningPoint that best meets the needs of your environment and teaching style, please contact our Multimedia Specialists.


Can I utilize the Rawls Research Lab?

All researchers within Rawls College can reserve the Rawls Research Lab. Researchers have the ability to view and control each of the 36 computers and send them images or documents as needed.

How do I access the Big Data Server?

Available on a first-come, first-served basis, faculty can request a virtual machine and access to the server's SAS or STATA/MP software for a period of up to 30 days (with option to renew).


How do I print/scan?

Faculty and staff can print and scan to designated department multifunction machines.

Please email rawlshelp@ttu.edu or call 806.742.3188 to initiate a work order.

What software is available for staff/faculty?

You can view free downloadable software by signing in to your eRaider and clicking the "Software Download" button. Additional software is available for purchase through a Texas Tech site license.

How do I access my TTU email?

Outlook.com—part of Texas Tech University's Office 365 subscription—powers the official ttu.edu email service known as TechMail. TechMail is available for free to Texas Tech faculty, staff, and students. Learn more.

How do I submit a request for digital or portable signage?

All members of the Rawls College community can submit digital signage requests. Review submission guidelines and submit a request.

Can I check out equipment?

Requests can be made through email or by calling 806.742.3188. Available equipment includes:

  • Digital Camcorder
  • Polycom CX3000 Conference Phone
  • Polycom CX5000 Panoramic Video-Conference Phone
  • Portable PA system with wireless lapel mic
  • Portable Projector
  • PowerPoint Clickers
  • TurningPoint Technology
  • Wireless Microphone