Texas Tech University

Steven Woloshen:
Camera-less Animation Workshop

April 7, 2023

Steven Woloshen is a renowned Canadian abstract film animator who has been working in camera-less animation since 1982, using scratches and lacerations on film to create emotional content. Woloshen presented a hands on workshop for students and members of the Lubbock community to introduce them to the process of making films without a camera. His non-digital technique is easy to apply and stretches students' understanding of animation beyond that of digital media. Woloshen also delivered a lecture to the Animation Studies class later via Zoom.

Woloshen was hosted by Drs. Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila who co-teach the Animation Studies class and oversee the Animation Making Workshops presented through the J.T. Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts, funded in part through a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Woloshen's presentations were support by Landmark Arts and Special Instruction Fees from the Art History and Graphic Design areas.