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February 2017

Meet the Professor: Richelle Detrixhe

by Lindsay Robles

Richelle Detrixhe
Richelle Detrixhe

What class/classes do you teach?
I currently teach Creative Typography (ADV 4301) in the spring and Advertising Design & Layout (ADV 3361) in the fall.

What would you like your students to take away from your classes?
I hope everyone leaves my classes with an appreciation for design and the ability to effectively communicate with designers. On a more practical note, I would like for the students to be comfortable working with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

What is your favorite book?
The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. It's very Tolkien.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?
Depends on the day of the week! My go-to choices include Orlando's, Capital Pizza, Thai Thai & Healthy Essentials.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?
There are so many people to learn from it's hard to choose just one. Creative minds are always fascinating. I'd love to learn from Guillermo del Toro. His projects are always so interesting! Pan's Labyrinth will always be one of my favorite movies.

If you could tell your 18 year-old self one thing, what would it be?
In life, don't be afraid to do something new. The quote by Jim Rohn sums this thought perfectly – If you don't like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.

What was the defining moment that helped you determine your career path?
I feel like I always wanted to be a graphic designer. After my first semester working on the high school yearbook, I knew I wanted to work on magazines and anything involving print. I work on quite a bit more than just magazines now. There's just something very satisfying about seeing your work in the real world.

What advice do you have for new students seeking a career in an advertising or design field?
Share ideas and brainstorm with your peers. The best projects really do come together from working together as a team.


Advice from an Adviser: Don Ellis

by Lindsay Robles

Don Ellis is the adviser for Electronic Media and Communications students.

Don Ellis
Don Ellis

What advice do you have for students in order to help them stay on track for graduation?

Visit with your adviser. You should see your academic adviser each semester for general questions, ask about special topics courses, and you should utilize your academic adviser as a resource.

Imagine as a student, you are driving your car. You are in control. But you would have a hard time driving your car and navigating a road map. Your academic adviser is your navigator. Your academic adviser can tell you about road work ahead or slower ETAs (estimated times of arrival) by taking certain routes.

Your academic adviser is your advocate. Although you may see your adviser only once per semester, make the most of your time with them. Bring questions which are pertinent to your degree as well as your life and career goals.


Get to Know Your Ambassador: Lauren Kriss

by Lindsay Robles

Lauren Kriss
Public Relations, Sophomore
Hometown: Cedar Park, Texas
Lauren Kriss
Lauren Kriss

How did you become an ambassador for the College of Media & Communication?
My first year at Tech I actually lived in the Media & Communication Learning Community (MCLC) and was close with several of the girls on my floor. We were all pulled into greater involvement by Dr. Todd Chambers, he really encouraged us to work together and help the college. One of my first experiences working with faculty and staff was when the MCLC partnered with the college for a community service project. We decided to do custom Christmas cards for TTU veterans, featuring a family portrait session. It was really cool to see how everyone from different media disciplines could come together to provide a valuable service to the community. While working on that event, I became acquainted with the ambassador team, so in the spring when the application opened it seemed like a natural fit. Plus, all my friends from my hall applied too and I've been able to keep those relationships.

What do you like best about the College of Media & Communication?
CoMC has a can-do attitude towards helping students explore their dreams. There's never been a time I wanted to try something new or go for out for a new opportunity and wasn't able to. I feel like I have abundant opportunities here. I am very excited about where the rest of my time here will take me and what doors will open up.

What has your experience been like being an ambassador?
Being an ambassador for the college has been fun and challenging. It has been really rewarding to develop close relationships with the faculty and staff, as well as all the other ambassadors! I think the ambassador team and the people we work with are naturally a group of really driven, passionate professionals who want to share their experiences with others. They all provide a really encouraging environment for achieving your potential. Plus, they are all just really easy to hang out with!

In your spare time, where can we catch you hanging out in Lubbock?
I live at J&B coffee! It has a really home-y feel to it that's different from other study spots around town. Secondly, I am dessert-obsessed so I have to frequent a lot of great local businesses to keep my sweet tooth at bay! My all-time favorite is Sheridan's because of the Joe's Broadway Shake. I think it's one of Lubbock's best kept secrets.


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