Texas Tech University

State Exam Registration

State Approval to Test

All students seeking certification through TTU are required to have “approval to test” each time you register for a state exam. This includes exams for teacher certification, professional certification and re-taking an exam. Authorization for the exams is given from the Office of Student Services.

Approval is not required for the Pre-Admission (practice) exam, but should be scheduled through the TTU Testing Center. 706-742-3671. A test pass can be attained from your advisor for easier access to testing.

Exam Approval

  1. Complete testing orientation during Block 1. A schedule will be sent to your Site Coordinator.
  2. Begin Block 2 and attend the Exam Sign-up session with Student Services. You will set up your TEAL and ETS accounts during this session. Meeting information will be sent to your Site Coordinator.
  3. Complete all TTU eligibility requirements for the exam.

Exam Registration

Register for computer-administered test (CAT) online with ETS: https://texestest.org/texes/texes-registration/ If registration problems exist, call the TTU Student Services office at 806-834-0235.

All test availability by location for CAT exams will be displayed when you register with ETS.

  1. First-time test takers will follow the “Register” directions for setting up an ETS account. Print the directions and write down your login and password information.
  2. Use your TEA ID number each time you register for an exam.
  3. Students may only register for exams that correspond to their area of certification through TTU.