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Dual Credit Credential in English plus a Master's Degree in Language & Literacy

The master's degree in Language & Literacy with a concentration in Dual Credit in English is designed to meet the growing demand for dual credit English coursework in secondary schools. The purpose of this credential is to provide secondary English teachers with the disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge needed to help students successfully transition from high school to college learning. In addition to developing expertise in literary and composition studies, coursework in the Language & Literacy program specializes in methods designed to accelerate students' ability to handle the literacy demands of college-level reading and writing tasks. Coursework provides numerous opportunities to connect learning to real-world contexts for dual credit instruction. The master's degree in Language & Literacy is also designed to prepare literacy leaders in K-12 school districts. Graduates will develop in-depth knowledge of literacy processes and will be able to confidently apply their knowledge to evaluate, design, and implement effective literacy instruction for diverse learners.

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The master's degree in Language & Literacy with a concentration in Dual Credit in English requires a total of 36 credit hours including:


Benefits of the program consist of the following:

  • All classes are offered online 
  • Includes 18 hours of graduate coursework in English 
  • Part of a master's degree in Language & Literacy 
  • Leads to a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Literacy 
  • Bridges high school and college literacy demands  
  • Accelerates student literacy skills to close gaps 
  • Brings together disciplinary and pedagogical expertise  
  • Meets the needs of Early College High School   
  • Specializes in literacy development for historically underserved students 
  • Aligned with the International Literacy Association's Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals 


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