Texas Tech University

Mellinee Lesley, Ph.D.

Professor, Interim Department Chair
Curriculum & Instruction

Email: mellinee.lesley@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-1186

Office: Education 320


Dr. Mellinee Lesley is a Professor in the Language, Diversity & Literacy Studies program in the College of Education at Texas Tech University. She has previously worked as a high school English teacher and served as the director for a developmental reading program. Dr. Lesley has earned several teaching awards at the secondary and university level, is a fellow of the National Writing Project, and recently received the Community Engagement Scholarship Award for Exemplary Projects from the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities in Association with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  

Throughout her scholarship and teaching, Dr. Lesley has been committed to fostering agentic identities and literacy skills for historically marginalized adolescent and adult learners. She has over thirty publications about this work that include four books. A significant part of her scholarship has focused on the role of content area and disciplinary literacies in advancing academic opportunities for underrepresented populations of students. Dr. Lesley is also pursuing a line of inquiry around pairing engaged scholarship with literacy reform in K-12 settings.  

Mellinee Lesley


Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania - Language in Education, Reading/Writing/Literacy

M.A., New Mexico State University - English, Rhetoric and the Teaching of Composition

B.A., University of Iowa - English

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Literacy and Critical Media Literacies
  • Adolescent and Media Literacies
  • Closing Literacy Achievement Gaps for Adolescents
  • Gender, Subjectivities, and Literacy
  • Developmental Literacy
  • Content Area Literacy and Disciplinary Literacies
  • Writing Pedagogy in K-12 and Postsecondary Settings
  • Engaged Scholarship and the Democratization of Knowledge
  • Teacher Research
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Critical Ethnography


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Lesley, M. (2012). Invisible girls:At risk adolescent girls writing within and beyond school. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishers.

Recent Publications

Lesley, M., Beach, W., Stewart, E., & Keene, J. (in press). Reflexive narratives as a tool to confront university researcher roles in engaged scholarship. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship.

Guo, L., Wang, J., Lee, J., Lesley, M. (in press). Examining the differentiated impacts of balanced literacy: An analysis of reading comprehension skills. Reading & Writing Quarterly.

Lesley, M., Higgins, A., Beach, W. Stewart, E., & Keene, J. (2022). Shared accountability: How one school is reforming a writing curriculum through sustained engaged scholarship. Literacy Research and Instruction. DOI: 10.1080/19388071.2022.2138646

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Lesley, M., Beach, W., Ghasemi, E., & Duru, H. (2021). “This year we've mostly focused on just getting kids comfortable with the idea of writing something”: Factors undermining writing pedagogy in an “underperforming” high school. Reading & Writing Quarterly, 37(3), 279-299.

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