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Berti Ketner Scholarships


Established in honor of former FADP student Berti Ketner, these scholarships assist students in the Fine Arts Doctoral Program who have advanced to Candidacy and whose dissertations are interdisciplinary in nature, that is, they combine at least two of three Visual & Performing arts areas or one arts discipline with another such as history or English. No recipient of a Berti Ketner scholarship may apply for a second of these one-time, dissertation-year awards.

A single Berti Ketner Scholarship may be awarded annually to a project meeting the highest qualitative standards. These include holistic assessment of:

  • the likelihood of making unusually significant contributions to knowledge
  • the degree of synthetic interdisciplinarity or transdisciplinarity
  • amount & quality of coursework that supports extra-disciplinary aspects
  • related awards, honors, professional presentations
  • the degree of support stated in letters of recommendation
  • cumulative GPA
  • progress to date


Bertie Ketner

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