Texas Tech University

Fine Arts Graduates, Music Specializations From 2010-Present


  • Liu, Jing. “An Investigation of Non-Musicians' Conservation of Melody under Harmonic Deformations.” (Killian) August
  • Poché-Rodriguez, Kelley Marie. “Area: Music Adjudication.” (Cruse) August
  • Barrett, Leia Lynn. “Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Education Department Internship during the 2011-2012 Concert Season: An Internship Report.” (Stoune) May
  • Chambers, Gregory Lee. “The Head of Orpheus: Signification and the Operatic ‘Voice' in Twenty-First-Century Eastern Africa.” (Smith) December
  • Guerrero Ramirez, Leobardo. “A Rediscovery of Ernst Widmer's Kosmos Latinoamerico: An Analysis of its Cross-cultural Influences, Pedagogical Purpose, and Performance Approaches.” (Cash) December
  • Houser, Justin F. Reflections: For Interactive Electronics, Dancer, and Variable Instrument.” (Fischer) May
  • McLachlen, Jen Anne. “Narcissus: A Concerto for Flute and Wind Orchestra: Original Composition and Analysis.” (Fischer) May
  • Todd, Daniel Singleton. Bicinia Hungarica: A Theoretical Analysis and Pedagogical Implications for Use in a Kodaly-Inspired American Music Curriculum.” (Brumfield) August

  • Aipperspach, Ian Benjamin. “The Unpublished Choral Music of Ernst Immanuel Erbe (1854-1927).” (Cimarusti) August
  • Aipperspach, Candice Lane. “Brundibár: An American Afterlife, 1975-1995.” (Cimarusti) August
  • Catalan, Luis Raul Gonzalez. “John K. Moir: An American Organ Builder in Chile (1970-1978).” (Stoune) August


  • Bailey, Christopher Gary. “The Pier: Composing and Producing a Song Cycle Music Theatre Work.” (Stoune) May


  • Berry, James Bernard IV. “All About is Night: Spiritual Anxiety and the Ritual Impulse in World War I Europe.” (Smith)
  • Tsai-Lin, Cheng-Shing Eliza. “The Possible Influence of Language on Music Performers: Survey for Chinese Speaking Pianists, English Speaking Pianists and Piano Professors.” (Westney and Cash)
  • Riggs, Andrea Lee. “A Comparison of Successful and Less Successful Rehearsal Strategies Utilized in Choral Adjudicated Sight-Singing." (Killian)
  • Wayman, John Brian Hokulani. “Preservice Music and Classroom Educators' Predictions of Music Preference Ratings of 3rd, 5th, and 7th Grade Students from Rural, Suburban and Urban Schools." (Killian)


  • Berg, Jason Waltony. “The Dragon King's Daughter: Sinfonietta for Jazz Nonet, String Orchestra and Soprano.” (Fischer)
  • Britt, Joshua D. “Slow Dawn and Sunset Finale: An Original Composition for Concert Band, with Analysis.” (Fischer)
  • Buford, Debra Reynolds. “Investigation of Music Literacy Teaching Strategies Among Selected Accomplished Choral Directors in Texas Title I High Schools.” (Killian)
  • Cadra, Stefan Alexander. “Fleeting Asterisms: An Original Composition with Analysis.” (Fischer)
  • Frandsen, Mark Steven. “Forecasting Fusion at Low Frequencies: The Bass Players of Weather Report.” (Santa)
  • Green, Bradley Layne. “Musicas e Brincadeiras Infantis: A collection of Brazilian Children's Songs and Games with Notes on Ethnography, Musical Style and Pedagogical Application for the American Elementary General Music Classroom.” (Brumfield)

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