Texas Tech University

Fine Arts Graduates, Theatre Majors From 2000-2009

  • Anderson, Priscilla Marie. “The Feminine Grotesque in the Plays of Pam Gems.” (Marks)
  • Ganapathy, Radhica. “Women's Dramatic Autobiographical Crisis Narratives: An (R) Evolutionary Journey.” (Bert)
  • Best, Mickey Dale. “Fine Arts Faculty Evaluation Process in Higher Education: Its Value as a Motivator of Teaching Improvement and Lessons for Administrators.” (Donahue)
  • Chance, Terry Michael. “Writing an Original Score for the Oxford Street Players of Lesley University's Production of the Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas: "Shore Know How to Git a Man Down."” (Donahue)
  • Daniels, Velicia Lee. “The Selma Stories: Developing a Testimonial Drama about Women of Courage during the Civil Rights Movement.” (Gelber)
  • West, Keith Ray. “Theatre of the Mind, Live On Stage: Radio Theatre Production for Theatre Practitioners.” (Bert)
  • White, Greg Leon. “Making Myth: Recreating the Celebrity Persona in Playwriting.” (Bert)
  • Wygant, David L. “Why Theatre Voice Training Works: Examining The Process Through Psychosynthesis.” (Mann)


  • Hyatt, Garey Andrew. “A Compendium of Promising Practices in Youth Arts Programs: A National Endowment for the Arts Internship Report (2001-2004).” (Donahue)
  • Wintour, Elizabeth Gayle. “From Retrospect to Millie's War: Writing a Configurative Play.” (Bert)


  • Westkaemper, Lisa Kay. “Education and Outreach for Angels in America: Millennium Approaches (A Professional Problem).” (Donahue)
  • White, Patrick Allen. “Analyzing a Postmodern Script through Its Mise en Scene: An Approach to Richard Foreman's Paradise Hotel.” (Bert)


  • Hannah, Michael Bivian. “The Developing Masculine Image and Its Relationship to Stage Costume in England and France 1660-1830.” (Marks)
  • Vaughn, Patrick Clay. “Behind the Pine Curtain: Community Theatres of Deep East Texas.” (Williams and Donahue)


  • Bush, James Beekman. “The Actor's Makeup: A Psychological Profile of Acting Students.” (Marks)
  • Fransen, Wade John. “Process Drama and Creative Problem Solving: An Integrated Approach.” (Homan)
  • Lee, James William. “Dalcroze by Any Other Name: Eurythmics in Early Modern Theatre and Dance.” (Marks)


  • Doyle, Laurie Ellen. “Church Drama and Conservative Christianity: Developing A Drama Ministry at Broadway Church of Christ.” (Bert)
  • Graves, Kerry Lee. “The Emerging Prominence of Women Choreographers in the American Musical Theatre: A History and Analysis.” (Marks)
  • Lee, Kiwon. “The Dynamics of Richard Foreman's Theater: Text and Performance.” (Bert)
  • Lu, Hung-Hui. “A Strategic Planning Model for the Performance Workshop (Taiwan): An Internship Report.” (Marks)
  • Ni, Shu-lan Miranda. “The Development of a Genre: Pina Bausch and Late Twentieth-Century Dance Theatre.” (Marks)


  • Magness-Eubank, Karen Ann. “Behind the Veil: Revisioning the Gaze in Film & Theatre.” (Homan and Nathan)
  • Perrault, Katherine. “Astronomy, Alchemy, and Archetypes: An Integrated View of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.” (Williams)
  • Wright, Mary Ellen. “Adrian Hall's Dramatic Adaptations: A Playwriting Process and Model”


  • Error, Darise Helen. “Towards a Holy Commercial Theatre: Betty Buckley—History, Performance and Theory.” (Marks)
  • Partridge, Allen Ray. “Internet Collaboration and Exchange for Theatre (ICE-T): Developing Interactive Network Conferencing Software for Theatrical Collaboration.” (Bert)
  • Wooten, Kara Elizabeth. “Developing a Course in Stage Combat: A Manual for Instructors and Students.” (Lewis)

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