Texas Tech University

Fine Arts Graduates, Theatre Majors From 1980-1989


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  • Runnels, Marti R. “Lee Breuer and His Cross-Cultural American Classicism.” (Sorenson)
  • Sprague, Kathleen J. “The Haverstock Family Tent Show.” (Ashby)


  • Blain, Lynda C. “The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas: An Internship Report.” (Weaver)
  • Norman, Stanley S. “A Systems Analysis of Southwest Theatre Association: An Internship.” (Weaver)


  • Colwin, Thomas L. “Magic, Trick-Work, and Illusion in the Vampire Plays.” (Newlin)
  • Crawford, David W. “The Development of a Playwriting Philosophy as Demonstrated in the Writing of a Full-Length Script.” (Weaver)
  • Ellis, Morris R. “A Catalog: The Robert L.B. Tobin Collection: Scene Designs: 16th through 19th Centuries.” (Newlin)
  • Fleming, Brent L. “Theatre Management Procedures: An Operations Manual for the Cultural Center Theatres in Taiwan, The Republic of China.” (Newlin)
  • Robinson, Kathryn D. “Fine Arts Education at Louisiana Tech University: A Systems Analysis.” (Weaver)
  • Seay, Donald W. “Sponsored Project Funding: The Development of the Center for the Advancement of Professional Theatre Training and Applied Research at Texas Tech University.” (Weaver)


  • Beach, Claudia A. “Henry Greenwall: Theatre Manager.” (Ashby)
  • Fleming, Carol A. “Promoting University/College Theatre in Rural Areas: Program Analysis and Consumer Oriented Planning.” (Weaver)
  • Herman, Richard J. “Joseph Chaikin: Thematic Investigations of Life and Death.” (Sorenson)
  • Holcomb, Richard E. “New Stagecraft Principles Applied to Two Musical Comedy Costume Designs of Miles White.” (Gerlach)
  • Lichti, Esther S. “Richard Schechner and the Performances Group: A Study of Acting Technique and Methodology.” (Weaver)
  • Peters, Steven J. “Modern to Postmodern Acting and Directing: A Historical Perspective.” (Sorenson)
  • Swofford, Mary E. “Adapting Athletic Recruiting Practices to the Recruitment of Students for the Fine Arts Program at Incarnate Word College—An Internship.” (Weaver)


  • Hubbard, Ronny. “The Expectation of Structure: A Proposal for New Plays.” (Sorenson)
  • Mitchell, Mary Anne. “The Development of the Mask as a Critical Tool for an Examination of Character and Performer Action.” (Sorenson)
  • Myers, Roland W. “A Translation and Critical Analysis of the Letters of Mikhail Semyonovich Shchepkin.” (Sorenson)


  • Bristow, Donald Gene. “A Descriptive Catalogue of the Elmer Rice Collection at the University of Texas.” (Weaver)
  • Hearth, Dale Lynn. “Marketing the Performing Arts: The Joffrey Ballet's 25th Anniversary Season.” (Weaver)
  • Hustoles, Paul John. “Musical Theatre Directing: A Generic Approach.” (Sorenson)


  • Cotton, Jerry Duvan. “Sam Shepard's Theatre of Fragmentation: A Performance Theory.” (Sorenson)
  • McCluskey, Marie Mavis. “Golden Wings, Flowers and Other Magical Things: A Phenomenological Concept of Criticism and a Musical Play.” (Sorenson)


  • Bilbo, Jack Leggett, Jr. “Economy and Culture: The Boom-and-Bust Theatres of Pensacola, Florida, 1821-1917.”(Ashby)
  • Rucker, Patrick C. “Ben Iden Payne and the Development of the Modified Elizabethan Stage.” (Sorenson)
  • Weaver, Arden Walter. “A Look at the State Designs of Peter Larkin Through a System of Critical Analysis.” (Newlin)


  • Bautista, Michael Phillip. “Ten Years of Stage Design at the Met (1966-1976).” (Newlin)
  • Brooks, Mona Rebecca. “The Development of American Theatre Management Practices Between 1830 and 1896.” (Weaver)
  • Graves, Kevin Lee. “A Managerial Analysis and Guide for Production Programs as a Part of Educational Curricula in Divisions of Fine Arts at Small Private Colleges in America.” (Weaver)
  • Martin, Jerry Lavern. “Henry L. Brunk and Brunk's Comedians: Tent Repertoire Empire of the Southwest.” (Ashby)
  • Phaneuf, Cynthia Lynn Melby. “Ensemble: A Process of Actor Training.” (Sorenson)


  • Cummins, Douglas Matthew. “Management by Objectives in Community Theatre: An Internship Report.” (Weaver)
  • Williams, Edward Don. “Texas: A Model for Success.” (Ashby)

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