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Fine Arts Graduate Program - Theatre

A theatre student may pursue a combination of practical and theoretical studies. The doctoral program provides theatre students with a broad arts education that will prepare them for leadership roles in the fine arts, particularly in theatre organizations. Fine Arts Doctoral Students will select two areas of concentration from among these options: Acting/Directing; Arts Administration; Design; History/Theory/Criticism; and Playwriting.

Admission to the Fine Arts Doctoral Program involves applying to the Graduate School. Admission is based on meeting the requirements of the Graduate School as to prior academic record and GRE scores, obtaining the recommendation of the Department of Theatre and Dance, and meeting the approval of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Graduate Committee (based upon departmental recommendation).

To obtain application forms and program information about the doctoral program in Fine Arts with a field of specialization in Theatre, contact:

Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Theatre and Dance
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-2061
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Fine Arts Doctoral Program

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