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Fine Arts Core

Studies in Art, Music, Theatre, and Philosophy

Students engage core program (five courses) that emphasizes interdisciplinarity among the arts. It comprises four required courses: a Colloquium that explores disciplinary formation and types of interdisciplinary engagement, an integrated Arts Histories course, Arts in A Contemporary Context, and one of two courses in philosophical Aesthetics; additional Topics courses and offerings in philosophy complete a student's core program. Students then specialize in a specific area of visual or performing arts.


  1. Introduce and apply theoretical and critical framing of interdisciplinary in the arts.
  2. Instill understanding of historical issues pertaining to multiple art forms in expanding global contexts.
  3. Incorporate philosophical, aesthetic, and critical approaches to appreciation and evaluation of the arts.
  4. Illuminate disciplinary foundations and formations of the arts in higher education.
  5. Provide models of arts leadership & professional development.

Core Course Rotation Schedule

Approved Interdisciplinary Core Courses

In addition to study in the field of specialization area, each student completes a series of core courses as a minor comprising 15 hours of work outside the field of specialization. Students participate in one required cohort course, two required courses (cohort recommended), one philosophy course, and one option from philosophy or interdisciplinary topics:

  • VPA 5301: Colloquium, cohort course
  • VPA 5310: Arts Histories, (suggested as cohort)
  • VPA 5314 VPA 5310: Arts in A Contemporary Context, (suggested as cohort)
  • VPA 5300: Topics in the Visual and Performing Arts, option
  • PHILOSOPHY 5310: History of Aesthetics*
  • PHILOSOPHY 5314: Contemporary Aesthetics *



A student may request, through the unit's Graduate Advisor or Coordinator to the CVPA Graduate Committee, exemption from the regular sequence of cohort courses. The course itself is still required.

*Aesthetics represents a unique component of the doctoral program in Fine Arts. One course is required; the other may be used as an option to complete the core. The Department of Philosophy is administered within the College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information, see:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Philosophy
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-3092
Department of Philosophy Website


Near or at the end of the coursework, each doctoral student undergoes extensive examination over the fields of study involved in the program. This examination covers both the core (minor) and the field of specialization, though not necessarily at the same time.

The CORE EXAMINATION is designed to test the student's general understanding of concepts and materials implicit in the program of core courses required for the degree. The goal is to demonstrate an ability to relate general issues and concerns common to all the arts. For policies governing the core examination, see the doctoral program Guidelines, Section III. For types of issues assigned recently at exams, see Core Exam Sample Questions.

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