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Fine Arts Graduate Program - Music

A music student may pursue intensive work in one of several areas, including; Composition, Conducting, Music Administration, Music Education, Music History and Literature, Music Theory, Performance, and Pedagogy. While the coursework is tailored to individual needs and interests, degree requirements are similar to those typical of more traditional D.M.A. or Ph.D. programs in music. Thus, the graduate is prepared not only to assume positions of multidisciplinary leadership in the arts, but also to function as a music faculty member, music administrator, or professional musician in the usual context. Music Major

The dissertation may consist of a large formal research document, a major composition and a smaller written document, or a series of recitals and a smaller written document.

Admission to the Fine Arts Doctoral Program is a dual-pronged process. Interested students must apply both to the Graduate School and to the School of Music. Admission is based on meeting the requirements of the Graduate School as to prior academic record and GRE scores, obtaining the School of Music’s recommendation, and meeting the approval of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Graduate Committee (based upon recommendation by the School of Music).

To obtain application forms and program information about the doctoral program in Fine Arts with a field of specialization in Music, contact:

Director of Graduate Studies
School of Music
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-2033
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