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TTU to visit Zimbabwe in summer 2014

Increasing opportunities for students to explore the world is a high priority at Texas Tech University. Less traditional sites have now been added to locations such as Seville, Spain, where TTU maintains a full-time campus. This summer, several classes are heading to Africa, three of them to Zimbabwe. The expedition is part of an innovative collaboration with Gracy International Volunteer Expeditions of San Antonio, Texas.

Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, has a long and complex history, as well as remarkable natural and cultural resources. It has recently been named the world's best tourism and cultural destination for 2014 by the European Council on Tourism and Trade. Classes from two colleges (Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and Arts and Sciences) and three departments (Agricultural & Applied Economics, Anthropology, and Natural Resources Management) will leave Texas as soon as the finals are over and spend three weeks exploring human history and culture, economic practices, and conservation areas. The 23 students will be supervised by three TTU professors as they document rock art, visit local communities, and explore several UNESCO world heritage sites. In addition to lectures and group projects, they will engage in service learning by working with community members and assisting with conservation projects.

Written by: Dr. Gad Perry
Email: gad.perry@ttu.edu

Edited by: Jane Bell
Email: jane.bell@ttu.edu

Posted date: 05/15/2014


The cheetah (above) began a chase of some wildebeests just seconds after being photographed at Hwange National Park.