Texas Tech University

K-12 Global Education Outreach

The Texas Tech University Office of International Affairs K-12 Global Education Outreach presents cultural programs to Lubbock and the surrounding communities. These programs are offered at the International Cultural Center and “On the Road”. Click on the “Find a Program” icon to learn more about our program options.

Supporting K-12 Global Education

K-12 Global Education Outreach (GEO) would like to sincerely thank the following partners for their continued support of our mission to foster cultural awareness and build a community of global learners in Lubbock and its surrounding communities. Without their generous financial support, K-12 GEO would not be able to provide free outreach programming to over 20,000 students, teachers, and community members each year.

  • Lubbock Independent School District
  • The CH Foundation
  • The Helen Jones Foundation
  • Texas Commission on the Arts
  • The Center for Global Understanding

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