Texas Tech University

J.D./Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

The School of Law, in association with the School of Medicine in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, offers a program that enables a student to earn both the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degrees in six years. The program is designed for individuals interested in the areas of health care, health care policy, bioterrorism, forensics, or biomedical compliance.

The successful applicant must meet the admission requirements for both programs of study. While the School of Law does not require a specific major or undergraduate curriculum, the School of Medicine requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average, a minimum score on the MCAT, and a minimum number of credit hours in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, statistics and calculus, physics, and English.

Interested students are required to submit an admission application and supporting documents to both the School of Law and the School of Medicine in the same annual admissions cycle. It is important to note that entrance into both programs of study require significant advanced preparation and adherence to strict deadlines. It is imperative that interested applicants familiarize themselves with the processes of both programs of study.

Applicants are encouraged to take the February or June LSAT in the year before they intend to begin the program. (E.g. Feb/June 2016 for students starting Fall 2017) This will allow applicants to submit their JD application in early September and receive their decision before medical school commitments are due.

Students will meet with each program advisor to apply and discuss requirements for each program.

Law School Faculty Advisor

Dr. Brie D. Sherwin
Professor of Law
Adjunct Professor of Public Health
Texas Tech University School of Law
Office #318A
Phone: (806) 834-5181

Medical School Advisor and Contacts

Dr. Cynthia Jumper

Louis Perez
Senior Director, School of Medicine - Office of Admissions
3601 4th Street, Office 2B116
Lubbock, TX 79430
Phone: (806) 743-2297