Texas Tech University

Information for Students

Review the exam information provided below or watch the Exam Administration Video, under Important Links,  to better understand exam administration at Texas Tech Unversity School of Law.

Examination Day

Please be prepared to begin each exam early. For face-to-face exams, it is advisable to arrive to the exam room 20-30 minutes early and, where possible, leave an empty seat between you and the next student. For online exams, it is advisable to be logged into the testing platform at least 5-10 minutes early to ensure you have no technical issues, and can access the exam when it becomes available to you at the scheduled exam begin time. If a problem occurs on the day of the exam which will result in your tardiness or failure to take an exam, notify the Registrar's Office as soon as possible; do not contact your professor.

Per the Texas Tech University School of Law Examination Procedures Policy: "Students must take examinations at the time scheduled unless prior authorization for a change in time is granted by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs on the basis of exceptional circumstances, in which case students may be given the same or a different examination at a rescheduled time (after, not before, the originally scheduled exam time). Students must request changes directly from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Registrar. If prior authorization is not obtained but a student is unable to take an examination at the scheduled time because of serious illness or injury (attested to by a physician) or because of other critical circumstances not due to the student's own fault and beyond his or her control, the student shall give notice to the law school of such inability as soon as is feasible.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may then authorize the administration of the same or a different examination at a rescheduled time." Please review the Examination Procedure Policy here for further detail.

Provided, Permitted, and Non-Permitted Items

Be prepared to take the exam by having with you all necessary and approved materials as indicated by your professor. Only those items needed to take the exam will be allowed with you during the exam. For example, any student who brings in a backpack for a closed book face-to-face exam will be asked to leave it either toward the front or side of the room, or to remove it entirely. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that you only have approved materials within your testing space for any exam administered online. Failure to remove non-permitted items from your testing space prior to test administration will result in a violation of the Honor Code.

Exam ID: To protect the anonymity of the student, a set of exam numbers are issued each semester. This number is used in lieu of your name, student ID, or social security number. It is your responsibility to find your exam ID on Raiderlink. Please take extra care in recording your exam number onto any answer documents to avoid transposing numbers or writing down the wrong number entirely.

Supplies: Bluebooks, scantrons, earplugs, and scratch paper are provided in the exam room for each student. Online exams do not require Bluebooks or scantrons, but earplugs and scratch paper will be made available for pick up in the Administration Suite ahead of any online exam administration if needed. You may also have with you pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, blank flags, or blank tabs to use; these are not provided. Please verify with your professors any specific supplies or writing utensils they prefer you to use on their exams. You are also permitted to have with you a sweater or jacket, prescription medication and eyeglasses (no dark lenses), tissue, food (individually packaged in a clear plastic bag or container), and drink (with lid) during all exams, both face-to-face and online. If you require prescription medication during an exam, only have with you what you need during the exam, stored in a clear plastic bag. 

Electronics: If permitted by the professor, a laptop or simple calculator may be used during the exam.  With a laptop, you may also have an extension cord, power cord, external mouse, external keyboard, or laptop cooling stand.  Other than a laptop or simple calculator (if permitted by professor), you are not allowed to have a cell phone, smart watch, iPod, iPad, picture phone, digital pager, or other electronic device with you during any exam, both face-to-face and online. Please leave your phone in your carrel, car, or at home for face-to-face exams and leave it outside of your testing area for online exams. Aside from an approved laptop or simple calculator, any electronic devices in the testing room at the time of exam administration will be removed and taken to the Administration Suite for the duration of the exam. The School of Law is not responsible for any damage to electronics that must be removed from an exam room. If someone needs to reach you in an emergency during an exam period, please have them call the front office at 806-742-3990. 

Examplify: If the use of Examplify, a testing computer program by ExamSoft, is allowed by your professor and you choose to use it, make sure you have the latest version of Examplify installed on your laptop and download the exam ahead of time. The Examplify software, which works similarly to Microsoft Word, is pre-programmed to print with certain headers (exam number and course information) and formatting (font, line space, page numbers, page breaks) following your exam submittal. Find more information about Examplify and Examsoft here

Blackboard: If a final exam is administered through Blackboard, all multiple-choice questions will be answered and submitted directly in the blackboard exam. Find online student resources and troubleshooting tips for Blackboard here. Short answer and Essay questions for Blackboard exams will also be accessed in blackboard. Responses to these questions should be recorded in a word document titled with your Exam ID and submitted to the provided Dropbox link no later than the specified exam end date and time.

Examination Administration

Final examinations are administered by a Law School staff member, not the professor. For face-to-face exams, the test administrator will leave the room after the exam has started and generally will not return until a few minutes before the exam ends. For online exams, the test administrator will send an instructional email just prior to exam information. This email will have submission information as well as a link to Dropbox (if applicable) for you to submit short answer and essay responses to. If you have a question during a face-to-face exam, contact the exam administrator. If you have a question regarding an online exam, use the contact information guide below. Do not contact the professor. For face-to-face exams, if you need to leave the exam room for any reason be sure to leave your exam face down on your desk. You may take breaks during the exam, but are permitted to be only in the restrooms, Commons, Forum, or the halls.

Contact Information

If you have Blackboard issues, please contact IT Help Central at 806-742-4357.

If you have non-Blackboard related technical issues, contact the School of Law IT at 806-724-4897.

If you have other issues, contact Assistant Registrar Heather Eaton at 806-834-3628 or Heather.n.eaton@ttu.edu or Assistant Dean Janessa Walls at 806-834-0917 or janessa.walls@ttu.edu.

If you have a question regarding the exam, do not contact your professor.  Contact your exam administrator or the Registrars Office. 

After the Exam

After you take the exam, do not contact your professor until your grade has posted. Grades will not be posted until after the last scheduled exam is given. Be considerate of others still taking an exam. Do not discuss your exam with others or congregate/ visit in the hallways.