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Grades for Law Students Ordered to Active Duty

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Grades for Law Students Ordered to Active Duty


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Law students may be members of the military while enrolled in and attending classes. This policy establishes the guidelines for awarding grades to students called to active military duty during an academic semester.

  1. Official Status
    1. Students who qualify for special procedures for awarding grades are those who are officially ordered to report for active military duty before the end of the academic semester in which they are currently enrolled.
  2. Options for Grades
    1. The student may formally withdraw with a refund.
    2. The student may receive a final grade in the course with the agreement of the instructor, if doing so complies with the attendance requirements of the course.
  3. Procedure
    1. The student is required to provide documentation of the military order to the Military and Veterans Programs Office and the School of Law Registrar and follow procedures for withdrawal through that office.
    2. The student must file the Emergency Response Form (attachment to TTU OP 34.13).
    3. The Dean of the School of Law will settle any disputes arising from this process.