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Leave of Absence and Withdrawal from Law School

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Leave of Absence and Withdrawal from Law School


Disqualifications, Withdrawals, and Leave of Absence

Date Approved and/or Revised

April 29, 2014


Withdrawing from School. Withdrawing from the law school is a formal process. Information concerning the necessary procedures is available in the Registrar's Office. Failure to follow the prescribed rules will result in the receipt of failing grades in all courses in which the student is enrolled. A student who decides to withdraw during a semester or summer session needs to complete the withdrawal process in order to withdraw in good standing. Students contemplating withdrawing from school should meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs first, then the Law School Registrar to complete official withdrawal. If the student plans to return at a later date, the student should request a leave of absence and complete the appropriate form.

Leave of Absence. Students who want to take a leave of absence for financial, health, or other personal reasons should talk with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A leave of absence form should be completed and approved by the Associate Dean prior to a student's leaving school. The Associate Dean will advise the student of any conditions for returning as soon as practicable. When the student is ready to return to school, he or she should contact the law school Registrar for registration materials. Students should notify the Registrar three months prior to their return. Students are advised that all requirements for the J.D. degree must be completed within 84 months of the date students enter law school, except in extraordinary circumstances.

Return following Withdrawal. First-year students who withdraw from school during the first semester must compete for a place in the entering class with other applicants in the year they wish to return. Other students who withdraw may reenter with the approval of the Dean's Office, but a new application for admission may be required. In passing upon an application for readmission, the reason for the withdrawal and the quality of work done prior to withdrawal will be considered. Any student in good standing required to withdraw because of a military obligation is entitled to return upon the completion of such service.

Tuition Refund Policy.There may be financial implications to withdrawal from the law school or taking a leave of absence from the law school. Withdrawal or taking a leave of absence may impact financial responsibilities a student has with respect to matters such as financial aid, scholarships, and tuition and fees. A tuition and fee refund schedule is listed on the Student Business Services website at www.depts.ttu.edu/studentbusinessservices/