Texas Tech University

The PeARL: Scientific Discovery at the Heart of the Arts


January 2, 2019

Texas Tech University School of Music Performing Arts Research Lab (PeARL)

(VIDEO) Housed within the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts School of Music, the Performing Arts Research Lab leads interdisciplinary research through campus, community and global collaborations.

We are thrilled to share a fantastic video and article that were recently released by Texas Tech University about the new Performing Arts Research Lab (PeARL), housed within the School of Music.

As the article explains, the PeARL conducts "groundbreaking research, leading interdisciplinary projects that focus on the intersection of the arts with other fields like medicine, education, linguistics and psychology. Founded in 2017 by David Sears, an assistant professor of interdisciplinary arts, and Peter Martens, an associate professor of music theory and the associate director of graduate programs in the School of Music, the PeARL expanded on existing work within the college by creating a space where TCVPA students and faculty could conduct empirical research about the visual and performing arts while also collaborating with researchers in other fields of study."

Check out the video below, and follow this link for more information about the exciting research taking place now at the PeARL!