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Class Information

Below you will find audition information, links for our policies/procedures manual and the current semester's class syllabus, and lists of the books and tools that many Trombone Studio students use regularly.

Audition Information

School of Music audition dates for admission in Fall 2019 are February 23, 2019 and March 2, 2019.  Alternatively, private auditions may still be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time with Professor Decker.

To apply, please visit the Undergraduate Online Application or the Graduate Online Application.

For additional information, please email Professor James T. Decker.

Current Semester Information (Fall 2018)

Applied Trombone Syllabus

Basic Texts & Materials

Download a sample list of etude books at this link.

Recommended Sheet Music Vendors

Hickey's Music Center
Just For Brass
Mountain Peak Music
Ensemble Publications
Windsong Press

Freshman Materials

First Semester

Edwards — Lip Slurs

Remington/Hunsberger — Warmup Exercises

Starer — Rhythmic Training

straight mute

breath builder

for tenor trombone: Edwards — Introductory Studies in Tenor and Alto Clef

for bass trombone (optional for tenors): Aharoni — New Method for the Bass Trombone, 4th Edition

Second Semester

Kleinhammer/Yeo — Mastering the Trombone

Vining — The Breathing Book

Sophomore Materials

Buddy Baker — Trombone Method

Bousfield - Unlocking the Trombone Code

cup mute

five liter breathing bag

Junior Materials

Laudermilch — An Understandable Approach to Musical Expression

Vernon — The Singing Trombone