Texas Tech University


You are assured admission to Texas Tech University if you are graduating from an accredited high school and present the required combination of high school class rank and college entrance test scores indicated below.

Class Rank vs. Test Scores

Top 10%

ACT: No Minimum
SAT: No Minimum

First Quarter (excluding top 10%)

ACT: 24
SAT: 1180

Second Quarter

ACT: 26
SAT: 1260

Third Quarter

ACT: 27
SAT: 1290

Fourth Quarter

Application Review

*ACT composite score; SAT reflects evidence-based reading and writing, and math. The highest section scores from multiple tests on the ACT and SAT will be used to maximize score. Assured admission is granted to all students who hold competitive scholarships awarded by an official Texas Tech University scholarship committee.

NOTICE: Assured Admission requirements for students applying for the Fall 2020 semester are changing.