Texas Tech University

In Recognition of Service

Patrick Hutchison

May 19, 2021

Texas Tech University, Faculty Research and Creative Activity Awards, J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts

Congratulations to Richard Meek for 55 years of dedicated service to students at Texas Tech. As a professor of bassoon and music theory since 1965, Meek said the best part about working at the university has been the people, students, faculty and staff he calls family.

5 Years of Service
Heather Bolin
Rachel Hirshorn-Johnston
Kelsie Jackson
Robin Phillips
Blair Williams
Rebecca Zeisler

10 Years of Service
Terry Ford
Rachel Mazzucco
Kate Peaslee
Anna Vayda

15 Years of Service
Dorothy Chansky
James Decker
Keith Dye
Janis Elliott
Peter Martens
Sarah McKoin
Maria Mendoza
Francisco Ortega

20 Years of Service
Shannon Cannings
William Cannings
Patricia Earl
David Shea
Christopher J, Smith

25 Years of Service
Gerald Dolter
John Gilbert
Juan Granados
Andrew Martin

30 Years of Service
Eric Fried