Texas Tech University

The Sound of Hope


December 19, 2023

Students playing piano in their classroom at the Guadalupe Center in Lubbock

Children in the Lubbock community are learning piano on new instruments due to the generosity of the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts.

Gabby Wallace steps out into the fall breeze and climbs aboard her school bus. The 9-year-old makes her way to the Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Center in East Lubbock where she'll spend two hours before going home. 

But this is not just any afterschool program. It's not childcare. The center offers creative programming from art to music and dance, etiquette and swimming lessons, and even college prep. Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Center is a hub for education and new experiences. 

The latest experience being piano classes.

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