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Interdisciplinary Arts Studies (BA-IAS)

Interdisciplinary Arts Studies (BA-IAS)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Studies (BA-IAS) is a unique undergraduate program for students who wish to pursue future careers in arts media and technology. Instead of a traditional major, students select three fields of specialization representing one of two paths: Arts Media or Arts Technology. Areas of study include digital media production, creative media industries, theatrical and sound design, motion graphics and digital animation, and music technology. 

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The three areas of specialization must each consist of a minimum of 18 hours in the chosen discipline, for a total of 54 credit hours. Two of the three specializations are chosen from existing minors in art, dance, music, or theatre. The third area will be in a media or technology area outside of the arts.


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What sets the IAS program apart from other liberal arts degrees is the capstone class, which incorporates all areas of specialization into a final project of your choosing. Students can use this time to solidify their experience in the program with future career paths. Students who pursued a specialization in social sciences can explore how the arts impact social behavior; business-minded students can review the impact the arts has on the US economy. With creative thinking and a wide array of skill sets, the IAS program prepares students for an ever-changing job market.



Aaron Chavarria
Interdisciplinary Arts Studies Advisor