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Master of Art Education (MAE) 

The Master of Art Education (MAE) Program prepares members of the discipline to thrive within a variety of educational environments, contribute divergent insights that respect diversity, and take on leadership roles in the field through the contribution of innovative ideas. The program encourages creative endeavors, interdisciplinary activity, and exploratory models of teaching and learning that link practice and theory through coursework, utilize cultural resources and technological innovations, and facilitate community initiatives. Students will also develop networks for shared practices and establish research agendas that enable the production of knowledge in the field of art education that relates to diverse people, social responsibility, and ethical conduct.
The MAE degree program is composed of a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. Two options are available to students seeking the Master of Art Education degree. Focus Area I is for students seeking to advance their knowledge of art making and contemporary social practice, and theory and practice in art education classrooms and art museum and community educational environments. It is designed for practicing teachers, artists, and museum and community educators interested in enhancing their expertise and combines theory, practice, creative endeavors, and research in an effort to develop leaders as artists-researchers-teachers in the field. Focus Area II prepares students for careers in art education, with state certification and requires 15 additional credit hours that include student teaching and College of Education courses. Focus Area I and II have a thesis, research report, exhibition with research report, and portfolio options as a capstone experience.

During the fall and spring semesters, classes are offered online and on the main campus in Lubbock, Texas. During summer, short term classes in art education and studio art are offered at various campuses and art sites. The deadline for fall admission is January 15th and for spring admission is October 15th. Please note that if you are looking for potential funding, you must submit an application for this by January 15th . Part‐time graduate study scholarships may be available along with partial summer scholarships for study during summers. Paid teaching assistant or graduate assistant positions on the main campus in Lubbock may also be available for full-time students.

Please include a letter of intent, a sample of writing such as a research paper, a portfolio of personal artwork, a portfolio of student artwork if applicable, and three references as part of your application in the portal. Please note those who are seeking certification need to take and pass the PACT examination as part of their application. Certification students are best served being on site in Lubbock because they will need placement in schools for observation hours and student teaching.

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Rina K. Little, Ph.D., Associate Professor and MAE Program Coordinator
Andrés Peralta, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Maia Toteva, Ph.D., Assistant Professor