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January 2014

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Dean's Note

Dear Friends of and Colleagues of the College of Media & Communication:

David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.

Dean David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.

'Tis the season of New Year's resolutions...and articles about how hard it is to keep them. Here at the college, however, we have taken on a big idea and project, and we hope to make 2014 the year when it is designed and planned, if not fully implemented.

President Duane Nellis has authorized us to move forward to create a distance/online extension of our master's program. Why, and why now? The current M.A. program is wildly successful, setting new records each year in enrollments while also getting high marks from its students and their employers. But every week we hear from Red Raider grads or others who say some version of the following: "I want continue my education, expand and update my skill sets, and improve my leadership qualifications. I love Texas Tech, but you aren't here." "Here" is often Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, or another Texas city, but it could also be Pakistan or Hong Kong or even New Jersey. We also have inquiries from other professionals who didn't go to Tech for their bachelor's degree.

Well, hold on, the Raiders are coming!

Our goals are to provide a program that (a) is flawlessly and conveniently delivered, (b) is taught by top faculty and accomplished professionals, (c) upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity, (d) includes the latest innovations in media strategy and technologies, and (e) prepares its members to move forward in their career goals. In short, we want to be great! I have full confidence that our faculty and staff—with input from our alumni—will conquer the task, as they have so many others.

Stay tuned as we document our progress, and let us know what you think.


David D. Perlmutter
David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor


Faculty Profile: Bill Dean, Ed.D.
video by Ben Jarvis and Blake Silverthorn


Alumni Spotlight: Rick L'Amie
by Lauren Glover, photo courtesy Rick L'Amie

Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication alumnus Rick L'Amie recently accepted a position as the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority's manager of communications.

L'Amie will oversee all public relations, marketing, customer service interactions with the website, and community outreach for the organization.

"I think it is important in this business to be naturally curious," L'Amie said. "That's what I like about this business and working with the Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Learning is always important."

Before switching to public relations and working for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, L'Amie worked in broadcast news for 13 years.

Rick L'Amie

Rick L'Amie

"I loved that work in television news," L'Amie said. "I wouldn't trade a day doing it."

L'Amie decided to switch careers because he thought a public relations career would be more stable than journalism.

"I got into journalism because I like making a difference, and I've found that the work I do in public relations helps with that," L'Amie said. "It was a natural transition from journalism to public relations."

L'Amie said he was easily able to adapt the journalism skills he developed during his time in the news industry to public relations.

"The work you do in public relations is very similar to journalism, writing and communications," L'Amie said. "A lot of my work was with media relations, so I knew how a newsroom works and what they need for stories.

"You can use your journalism practices, but you have to keep in mind that you work for an organization so you have to work towards enhancing their reputation," L'Amie said. "You have to think differently, but it doesn't really change how you work or the skills."

L'Amie said he chose to attend Texas Tech because of its accredited journalism program, and he quickly took advantage of all the university had to offer.

"I learned a lot in my classes, and worked for the University Daily and KTXT," L'Amie said. "Because of the opportunities for student journalists, I worked starting off as a freshman on campus and had good professional experience in journalism as well."

Bill Dean, Ed.D., taught L'Amie while he was a student at Texas Tech and said that L'Amie was very focused and not afraid to be different.

"I think it is those same characteristics that have made him successful in his career, like dedication, a focus on doing quality work, a strong work ethic, and not being afraid to try new things and thinking out of the box," Dean said.

L'Amie also got his graduate degree in mass communications from Texas Tech and recommends spending some time gaining experience before going back for advanced coursework.

"Get your undergraduate degree, then go out into the work world, and you would have a different perspective," L'Amie said.

For students about to enter the workforce, L'Amie recommends doing the best work possible in the classroom and getting extra experience outside the classroom as well.

"That is what I tell people more than anything: experience, experience, experience," L'Amie said. "You are more likely to get a job if you can show work you produced. Putting together a portfolio when you are ready to go is important."


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