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Specialized Grading Policies

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Specialized Grading Policies


Exams and Grades

Date Approved and/or Revised

March 13, 2013; November 7, 2017 (revised)

Grades for Failed and Repeated Courses. If a student fails a course, the grade received is calculated into the student's average in the usual manner. If a failing grade is received in a required course, the student must repeat the course taught by a different professor, if available, and receive a passing grade. The grade received when a failed course is retaken will not be computed into the student's final cumulative grade average, but the grade will be used to compute the semester grade average to determine whether the student has satisfied the continuing cumulative average for that semester.

A student who fails an elective course may repeat the course, but will receive only credit upon successful completion; the grade will not be calculated into a student's average.

The grade received in any repeated course is shown on a student's transcript as credit/no credit.

Adjustments to Grades. Professors may add or subtract up to one letter grade increment to the final grade for classroom attendance and participation. Students wanting to know whether or not they have received extra points or had points deducted and the reasons for doing so should check with the professor. Professors may also remove students who exceed the maximum number of allowed absences from their courses. In these situations, the students receive no credit and may be awarded a grade of "WF," which will affect their grade point averages.

"W" Grades. Students will receive a "W" grade in all courses dropped on or before the 30th class day of the fall or spring semester or on or before the 15th class day of a summer term. For any courses dropped after these deadlines, a professor has the option of assigning a grade of "W" or "WF." A "WF" grade is treated as a failing grade of "F" (0.0) and is used in calculating a student's GPA.