Texas Tech University

Music Education

Texas Tech Bachelor + Early Admission Master of Music Education
(BM+Early Admission MMED)

BM + Early Admission MMED Dual Credit Program at Texas Tech

This program allows exceptional students to enroll in 9 specified hours and dual count them toward both the Bachelor of Music Leading toward Teacher Certification degree and the Master of Music Education degree at Texas Tech University. These students enroll in the School of Music as well as the Graduate School while they are still undergraduates. Click on the following links for information regarding:

Graduate Programs in Music Education

Student Teaching Supervisors

  • Gerald Babbitt
  • Heather Bolin
  • Robert Bryant
  • Scott Coulson
  • Stephanie Council
  • Don Haynes
  • Rodney Klett
  • Karen McAfee
  • Deborah Perkins
  • Jo Scurlock-Dillard
  • Billy Talley
  • Scott Taylor
  • Carol Wheeler