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The mission of the Institute for Leadership Research (ILR) is to support faculty and students in conducting the highest quality quantitative and qualitative research, both basic and applied, focused on leadership, management, and related issues. High-quality research forms the basis of the Institute's education and service objectives.

ILR activities include theory development, laboratory studies, field research, leadership development, community outreach, the pursuit, oversight and completion of funded grants and contracts, and the sponsorship and organization of scholarly conferences focusing on leadership theory and research. Current research includes projects within cutting-edge domains such as authentic leadership theory and development, charismatic and visionary leadership, leader-member exchange, leadership within virtual teams, systems dynamics perspectives on leadership and organizations, and spiritual leadership.

Pursuit of the Institute's mission is supported through interdisciplinary, synergistic relationships (including formal alliances) with programs and academic researchers at Texas Tech University, other universities and research establishments in the United States and Internationally, and multiple organizational stakeholders across industries and sectors. The Institute welcomes and actively pursues opportunities to partner with scholars, practitioners, and research institutions to advance leadership theory, development, and practice.

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