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Multicultural Greek Council

Multicultural Greek Council was founded as a cooperative organization to represent the interests of the Multicultural Greek letter organizations on Texas Tech University campus.

The purpose of MGC is to create and maintain high standards in the quality of life among fraternities and sororities by addressing, coordinating, and developing strategic action plans; to unify organizations, promote higher education, enhance leadership and serve as a link to the student body and administration to build an inclusive environment on campus in order to support the mission of the university by meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse society.

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Multicultural Greek Council Sororities at Texas Tech

Kappa Delta Chi

Nickname: KDChi
Founded Nationally: April 6, 1987, Texas Tech University
Founded Locally: April 6, 1987
Colors: Pink and Maroon
Motto: "What we are to be, we are now becoming because what we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God."
Flower/Mascot: Pink Rose/Penguin
Symbol: KDC
Philanthropy: National Cancer Society - Breast Foundation
National Website:

Lambda Theta Alpha

Founded Nationally: December 1975 - Kean University
Founded Locally: January 15, 2002
Orientation: Latin by Tradition, not by Definition
Colors: Burgundy and Grey
Principles: Unity, Love & Respect

Sigma Lambda Gamma

Date Founded: April 9, 1990
Location Founded: University of Iowa
Motto: "Culture is Pride, Pride is Success"
Colors: Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple

Gamma Alpha Omega

Founded: January 25, 1993
at Arizona State University
Tech Charter: October 29, 1999
Motto: "United we will grow"
Colors: Hunter Green, Royal Blue, and White
Flower: White thornless rose
Symbol: White bengal tiger
Nickname: GAO or Gamma

Multicultural Greek Council Fraternities at Texas Tech

Omega Delta Phi

Nickname: ODPhi
Founded Nationally: November 25, 1987, Texas Tech University
Founded Locally: November 25, 1987
Colors: Scarlet, Black and Silver
Motto: One Culture, Any Race
Traditional Values: Unity, Honesty, Integrity, Leadership
Flower/Mascot: Silver Rose/Knight
Philanthropy: Breaking Down Barriers (Special Olympics), Young Knights Programs, Adelante Foundation
National Website:

Sigma Lambda Beta

Date Founded: April 4, 1986
Location Founded: University of Iowa
Motto: "Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture"
Colors: Royal Purple and Purest White

Gamma Beta

Date Founded: May 1, 2000
Location Founded: University of Texas
Motto: "Making Good Men Better"
Mascot/Symbol: White Tiger
Colors: Blue & Orange

Delta Epsilon Psi

Date founded: October 1, 1998
Location Founded: University of Texas
Motto: "In Brotherhood Lies Our Strength"
Mascot/Symbol: Asiatic Lions
Colors: Blue and Silver

Lambda Theta Phi

Date founded: December 1, 1975
Location Founded: Kean University, New Jersey
Motto: "Chivalry Above Self"
Mascot/Symbol: Conquistador
Colors: Brown and White