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Applications must complete all questions below and one essay. You must submit a copy of your resume. All applicants will be interviewed by the student members of the Women's Leadership Program Planning Committee. interviews will be scheduled for early September.

Please return all applications to Jobi by 11:59pm September 18, 2007.


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Short Answer

Briefly summarize your educational and career goals.
Define women's leadership in your own words.
What specific skills/knowledge do you hope to gain from your participation in the Women's Leadership Program?


Please select an essay to complete. Each essay should be between 150 and 300 words.  Please indicate in your response which essay you are answering.

1.  What are your reasons for applying to participate in the Women's Leadership Program?

2.  How would others in the program benefit from your involvement?  How do you hope to benefit from the other participants?

3.  State your personal and professional goals.  How will participation in Women's Leadership Program help you work toward the attainment of these goals?

4. What do you believe is the most pressing issue facing women on the Texas Tech campus today? What leadership approach would you take to address the situation?