DHS Appendix A of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

DHS Publishes Chemicals of Interest List for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released Appendix A of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), a critical element of its chemical security efforts.

The appendix contains a list of chemicals that, if possessed by a department in a specified quantity, initiates a requirement to complete and submit an assessment called a Top-Screen. Using the information gathered in the Top Screen, DHS will be better able to make a preliminary determination as to whether a department presents a high level of security risk and whether it will be required to comply with substantive requirements of CFATS.

To determine the type and quantity of chemicals that will be subject to the preliminary screening process, DHS examined the following three security issues:
1. Release – quantities of toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals that have the potential to create significant adverse consequences for human     life or health if intentionally released or detonated; all laboratories are exempt from this column only;
2. Theft and diversion – chemicals that have the potential, if stolen or diverted, to be used or converted into weapons; and
3. Sabotage and contamination – chemicals that, if mixed with other readily available materials, have the potential to create significant adverse     consequences for human life or health.
DHS identified these chemicals in the specific amounts for preliminary screening based on their potential to create significant human life or health consequences. The Acronyms used in Appendix A have the following meaning:

ACG - A Commercial Grade
APA - A Placarded Amount
CW/CWP - Chemical Weapons/Chemical Weapons Precursors
WME - Weapons of Mass Effect
EXP/IEDP - Explosives/Improvised Explosive Device Precursors
CUM - Cumulative - Chemicals with a cumulative notation must be reported for any amount.
Click here for DHS Appendix A chemicals list. All departments at Texas Tech University are required to review the list to see if they possess chemicals of interest at or above the listed screening threshold quantities for each column listed. Failure to do so will be in non-compliance with Federal law.
Any department that has chemicals meeting threshold quantities on the list must submit an email to Environmental Health and Safety addressed to: matt.roe@ttu.edu. The email must list the chemical, the quantity and the location. This information must be forwarded to our department no later than January 18, 2008. If your department does not meet the threshold quantities for any chemical listed on Appendix A, then this must be stated in your email and forwarded to our department to document that due diligence was performed.
EH&S will coordinate the Top Screen process for those departments that will be required to submit this report. Instructions and assistance will follow after this initial phase.
If a department has chemicals that require a Top Screen submission, but would like to dispose of them to avoid this process, please submit a hazardous waste pick-up request on our website. We will pick-up and dispose of the chemical accordingly.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact our office.
For additional Information contact Matt Roe