Ongoing attention to national security issues leaves many of us wondering about the potential for a terrorism-related emergency to impact our lives in Lubbock. Texas Tech University has received no direct terrorist threats. Emergency and communication plans will be activated when and if our campus ever receives such a threat. These plans will be coordinated with the City and County of Lubbock. The University will provide instructions about a specific situation and issues such as taking shelter inside campus buildings or evacuating. Students, faculty and staff can check out the following links so you can be more informed and better prepared for emergencies during these unusual times.
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    Texas Tech University
    State of Texas
    Federal Government
    Additional Information Resources

Texas Tech University
Visit the following links for more information.
    Terrorism Preparedness Guidance - For students, faculty and staff at Texas Tech university
    TTU MailTech - Handling Suspicious Mail Video
State of Texas
Visit the following links for more information.
    Texas Homeland Security
    Texas Division of Emergency Management
    Emergency Management Association of Texas
    City of Lubbock - Emergency Management
    National Weather Service - Lubbock, TX
Federal Government/b>
 Preparing makes sense. Get the latest information on being ready and prepared.
          More information is available at the Homeland Security homepage
 Talk about disaster -
 Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Public health Emergency Preparedness & Response.
 FBI Advisory - If you receive a suspicious letter or package, What should you do?
 Official CDC Health Advisory - How to handle Anthrax and other biological agent threats.
 Paperclip Communications - Terror Threat to College Campuses Resources.
          More information is available at the Paperclip Communications homepage
 Infectious Diseases Society of America - Bioterrorism Information & Resources.
 National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities - Disaster Preparedness for Schools.
 American Red Cross.
 International Travel Advisories.
For additional information contact Cliff Harris (742-3876)