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What is Indoor Air Quality?
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the environment in which most Texas Tech employees are employed. Since most Tech employees work indoors for the majority of the workday, it is important to ensure a work environment that is as safe and comfortable as possible. Components of IAQ include such factors as:

    pollutants (e.g., paint or solvent vapors, vehicle exhaust)
    bioaerosols (e.g., mold spores)
    environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)
    fresh air input, i.e., HVAC system function
What if I have a concern or problem with my workplace indoor air quality?
Environmental Health and Safety is committed to treating each IAQ complaint with concern and respect for the employee. We investigate each complaint through a variety of methods, including employee interviews, workplace surveys, and analyses employing advanced scientific instrumentation. If you have a concern related to any of the above components of IAQ in your workplace, please contact Matt Roe at EH&S, at 742-3876. In order to assist us in addressing your IAQ concern, please be ready to describe the following:

 the nature of the problem (i.e., bad odor, health symptoms) – be specific and descriptive as possible
 how long the problem has been occurring
 how frequently it occurs, if it is an intermittent problem
 whether or not the problem is isolated to a specific area in you workplace (i.e., the odor is strongest near the hallway)
 whether or not anyone else in your workplace is suffering from the same problem

When will you respond to my problem?
Usually, we will investigate the problem within the hour. Occasionally our personnel may be out on campus responding to a previous IAQ concern, and this may delay our response. IAQ concerns reported at the end of the workday are typically investigated early the next morning. IAQ concerns reported at the end of the workday on a Friday are typically investigated early Monday morning.
Will I get into trouble for reporting a problem?
Of course! No, seriously, we believe that you have a right to expect a safe, comfortable work environment, and we strive to ensure that everyone is accommodated. There should be no retribution for reporting problems to EH&S, and our personnel will work hard to communicate with your supervisors regarding your health concerns. Most supervisors want their employees to be as safe and comfortable as they are.
For more information on Indoor Air Quality, check out the following websites:
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – General IAQ information. Includes excellent non-technical information of such issues as black mold, radon, air     pollution, ETS, and asthma.
 University of Arizona EH&S – General IAQ Information. Another good resource for issues related to IAQ, but somewhat more technical.
 U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – Mold Facts (includes information on “black mold”)
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