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 Institutional Biosafety Committee
Radiation/Laser Safety Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee
The TTU IBC is charged with reviewing and approving research conducted with microorganisms pathogenic to humans, plants, or animals. This review is conducted pursuant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/NIH publication, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (currently in 4th edition, 1999. They will also
 review and offer advice on the standard operating procedures relating to procurement, use, storage, and disposal of chemicals (OP 60.02, OP 60.17, OP 76.01)
 annually monitor compliance of the University with Federal, State, and local regulations in regard to chemical safety
 receive reports on hazardous conditions and provide suggestions for corrective action
 make recommendations to the appropriate operating unit and
 serve as an avenue of appeal in cases of dispute and exception.
Radiation/Laser Safety Committee
This Committee will
 establish policies and procedures in accordance with current regulations established by the Texas Bureau of Radiation Control (BRC), as well as provide     administrative advice regarding radiation safety
 approve or disapprove all applications, amendments, and sublicense renewals relating to the use of radioactive materials
 receive and review reports from the Radiation Safety Officer on radioisotope use area inspections, personnel exposure, and other issues pertaining to the     radiation safety program
 conduct an annual review of the radiation safety program as required by the BRC and institute changes in policy as needed
 review all BRC inspection reports
 review reports concerning radiation incidents and administer direction and corrective action concerning these incidents. The Committee will make     recommendations to the appropriate operating unit in regard to any corrective actions needed and serve as an avenue of appeal in cases of dispute and     exception and
 supervise the institutional educational programs on the use of radioisotopes; (8) review the Radiation Safety Manual and any applications made to the BRC for     institutional licensure (9) make recommendations to the Provost concerning the radiation program.
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