Texas Tech University

Faculty Committee

All committee members' primary duties are to help the student achieve their goals before graduation and to uphold the standards of Texas Tech University.

Responsibilities of the Chair
The Chair will be selected on the basis of content expertise. This should include topic interest or subject matter expertise, or experience in thesis direction. The Chair is responsible for guiding the student to produce original masters level content in the defined minor areas. The Chair must hold full graduate faculty status.

The Chair's responsibilities include:

  • Advising the student throughout the phases of their chosen component
  • The responsibly of assigning the a grade of Successful or Unsuccessful to the students component
  • Setting clear and timely expectations for the completion of any chosen component
  • Providing guidance to gathering research, format, style, content, and structure of the students chosen component
  • In the case of a thesis, prepare the student for the defense process

Responsibilities of the Committee Members
All members of the students committee share responsibility in ensuring that the student produces high-quality work. Committee members are responsible for reading manuscripts suggesting substantive changes, and providing rationale for their support and critiques. Committee members who perceive major flaws that are likely to result in a student's unsuccessful defense should discuss these concerns with the candidate and Chair immediately.

Committee member's responsibilities include:

  • In cooperation with the Chair, advising the student through the phases of the chosen component
  • Provide subject matter expertise as requested by Chair or student
  • Reading drafts and providing meaningful feedback at each defense stage of the dissertation process
  • In the case of an Exam, Internship, Portfolio, Master's Report or Thesis, accept or reject what is presented to them