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Raider Relief Fund

Raider Relief was developed to support the needs of students and connect them with the most essential resources required to achieve academic goals as a Texas Tech University student. Those needs include but are not limited to: food, housing, financial education, and basic living supplies (clothing, kitchen essentials, toiletries, etc.) The university wants to help students stay enrolled in college and complete their education. Please visit Raider Relief Fund for more information about their services.

Funds are made possible through donations and we appreciate your support!
C. Mullins I am grateful to be a recipient of the Raider Relief Funding. Thanks to your generous donation the financial burden of losing my job directly related to COVID-19 has been alleviated as I pursue my doctorate in Nutritional Sciences. Caitlyn Mullins, Doctoral Student, Nutritional Biochemistry & Physiology
 J. Howell I am an only child and a single mother with a 6 year old daughter and I want to personally thank you for selecting me as a recipient for the Raider Relief Fund. Receiving these funds helped me to be able to pay for expenses mounting from being laid off due to COVID-19. Jessiica Howell, Doctoral Student, Special Education
 S. Nalawade In the time of the hardships due to Covid-19, it is the generous act of people like you that revives the belief of humanity in society. It is a great honor and pleasure to receive a hand to support in this time of uncertainties. This support even gave me an opportunity to learn from you and made me aware of my future responsibility to give back to society. Shantanu Nalawade, Master's Student, Civil Engineering

 Thank You