Texas Tech University

Horn Distinguished Professors Graduate Achievement Award - 2024 Guidelines

The Horn Distinguished Professors Graduate Achievement Award has been established by the Paul Whitfield Horn Distinguished Professors at Texas Tech University (TTU) to recognize and reward outstanding research or creative activity performed by graduate or law students while at TTU.
  • Criteria

    • The nominee is a graduate or law student at TTU.
    • The nominee is actively involved in original research or creative activity and have produced new and important outcomes recognized beyond the TTU System.
    • The candidate must be enrolled in a graduate program or in the School of Law at TTU on the nomination deadline.
    • A student can be nominated only once in the same year
  • Award

    • A cash award (variable amount, but no less than $750 per award, excluding any taxes due).
    • A certificate signed by the President of TTU and a Horn Distinguished Professor involved in the selection process.
  • Deadlines

    • Deadline for submitting complete dossiers to Donna Rogers in the Graduate School is 11:59 pm on Thursday, February 15, 2024. It is preferred that the PhD dissertation director or faculty advisor submit the nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted. Only nominations submitted by Professors at TTU will be considered for the award. The recipient(s) of the Award, if any, is (are) announced during the first week of April. The Award is given by a Horn Distinguished Professor during the Faculty Honors convocation..
  • Selection

    • The Spokesperson of the Horn Distinguished Professors selects a Committee of three Horn Professors representing a range of Academic disciplines. The Committee members do not evaluate their own students. The Committee examines the dossiers and narrows down the list to the most highly qualified nominee(s) and selects the Award winner(s), if any. The Committee deliberations are not made public.  

  • Nominations

    The nominations are submitted online and include the following: 

    1. Basic Information about the nominee:
      1. Nominee Name
      2. R-number
      3. Address
      4. Phone Number
      5. Email Address
      6. Department & College Name
      7. Contact Information of the Faculty Advisor
      8. Signature and Date
    2. The nominee's curriculum vitae
    3. An essay written by the nominee describing the context, goals, and originality of the research or creative activity done at TTU, with a clear description of the nominee's role. The essay should not exceed one standard-format single-sided page and should not repeat the information in the CV.
    4. The letter of nomination from the student's saculty advisor.
    5. An impact statement summarizing the new and important outcomes (see 1 b)
    6. At least one and at most three supporting letters from qualified individuals outside the TTU System.
    7. Any supporting documentation such as bibliography, exhibits or performances, invitations to conferences, honors, awards (do not repeat information that is already in the CV).