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Curriculum & Instruction Master's Degree with a Concentration in STEM

Texas Tech University offers a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in STEM Education. The program prepares students by building their epistemological foundations of current knowledge and skills in STEM education, so they may conduct action research in STEM Education. Our graduates will be able to address community STEM education needs through needs-based intervention experiences.

The Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction allows students to seek an advanced degree in a variety of concentrations. The concentration focuses on curricular issues as a field of inquiry and develops strengths in the areas of understanding and addressing the complex and multiple questions that influence curriculum theory, design, development, delivery, assessment and evaluation.

C&I Master's Program Handbook

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How is our STEM Master's concentration different?

The Curriculum and Instruction Master of Education degree with a concentration in STEM Education is designed to meet the diverse needs of professional educators in Pre-K, elementary, middle level, secondary, and informal education. The program of studies provides both foundational and application courses that equip in-service STEM educators with knowledge and skills to positively impact their students and communities. Students will also have opportunities to specialize in areas of professional interest (e.g., Personalized Learning, technology, art, ESL, STEM content, students with disabilities, and others as determined by the advisor).

These include:

  • Learning and applying curriculum and instruction theories in authentic, educational settings.
  • Designing, implementing, and assessing challenging lessons and activities in STEM education.
  • Developing, collaborating, and sustaining relationships among communities of practice.
  • Investigating the affordances of reform-based STEM education pedagogies and curriculum.

Who Benefits from this Degree?

STEM and STEM-adjacent Educators who seek to redefine STEM education at their campuses; enhance their knowledge of Curriculum and Instruction; refine their pedagogical skills in technology use and engineering design processes; improve the teaching of thinking skills in their contexts; and engage through action research to implement and measure reform efforts in STEM education.

  • Pre-K through 12th grade STEM Teachers
  • STEM Curriculum Writers
  • STEM Instructional Coaches
  • STEM Assessment and Evaluators
  • Informal Science Educators
  • Administrators and Faculty in STEM Schools or Districts

Transfer Credits from Certificate Program

Courses from our Advancing K-12 STEM Master Teacher Leadership (Basic) Graduate Certificate will count towards the 12.0 required hours of the STEM education concentration (ESTM 5371, ESTM 5372, ESTM 5376) and 9.0 elective hours (EDCI 5309, and EDCI 5312).

What do I need in order to Apply?

College Transcripts – Unofficial transcripts can be uploaded to the Graduate School application. Information on submitting official transcripts will be provided to you by the Graduate School. Grade reports or unofficial transcripts from university web portals will not be accepted. Please redact the Social Security Number anywhere it appears on your transcript. If documents are written in a language other than English, a copy of a complete and official English translation must be provided with the original language records.

  • Due to ongoing accessibility concerns, the Graduate School has suspended GRE test score requirements for applications through at least Summer 2025. For more information, please contact the Graduate School.

Required Supplemental Application Materials

Resume, Two Professional Recommendations, Two Writing Samples (in a single document), Applicant Statement

Application Process

Please visit the Graduate Application Process for more information on how to apply.

Scholarship and Funding Opportunities

If you wish to be considered for scholarships and other funding opportunities, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis, please complete your application by the following dates:

  • November 15th for the Spring semester
  • April 15th for the Summer semesters
  • July 15th for the Fall semester

Semester in which the program can be started

Continuous enrollment, students may begin coursework during any semester.

Online / Synchronous Expectations of the Master's in C&I program

The Master's Degree programs in C&I can be completed completely online, but there are courses that require mandatory synchronous meetings via virtual meetings and video conferencing software.

  • Coursework: Most C&I master's online classes have synchronous meetings via Zoom to maximize the effectiveness of teaching and learning; those classes may or may not require attendance at synchronous sessions as a part of the course grade. If such courses have mandatory synchronous meetings, they are noted at the time of registration (so you will know before signing up).

What is the Mode of Delivery?

The STEM Master's core curriculum is offered fully online.

How many Hours are Required for this Master's Degree?

The master's degree consists 36 hours of coursework. With advisor approval, up to six graduate hours from another university may be transferred, if they fit into one of the degree requirements.

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What is the Cost?

Use the Student Business Services Tuition Estimator to estimate your costs.

Where can I Find out about Financial Aid?

Scholarships and assistantships for master's students are available through the office of graduate admissions and enrollment in the College of Education.

Who can I Contact for More Information?

Chance WebbAcademic Advisor / AdmissionsOffice of Graduate Admissions & Enrollmentgradadmissions.educ@ttu.edu 806-834-6768

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Fast Facts

  • Delivery: Online
  • Hours to Completion: 36
  • Now accepting applications for: All Semesters
  • Maximum Transfer Hours: 6
  • Graduate Certificate also available