Texas Tech University

Reporting Incidents

All incidents that occur during Texas Tech activity should be reported to the Office of Risk Management.

What is an incident?

An incident is any instance of:

  • personnel injury (no matter how minor),
  • exposure to potentially hazardous materials, 
  • environmental release of a hazardous substance, or
  • major property damage. 

How do I report an incident?

Report all incidents through the link below; click the button to file your report.

report an incident

This link facilitates reporting for Employees, Students, and Visitors, as well as damaged Univeristy Vehicles or University Property.

Reporting must be completed within 24 hours of the incident. 

Information regarding workers compensation is provided through the Office of Risk Management.  Michelle Watkins is the current claims coordinator.

As of February 2020, employees requiring medical attention associated with work-related injuries must visit select providers for compensation.  A list of providers can be found at https://www.careworks.com/.

Who should report an incident?

The incident report forms have locations for the involved and/or injured party.  The immediate supervisor or other responsibile party can complete the report if the injured party is unable.