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Treating Liquid Biowaste

Liquid biological waste includes cell cultures, contaminated medias or supernatents from spinning down cell cultures. Follow this process to treat liquid biowaste.

  1. Prepare a fresh 10% percent bleach solution. Note that Clorox bleach is the only EPA approved bleach. 
  2. Add the bleach solution in equal volume to your liquid biowaste. For example, if you have one liter (1L) of culture, add one liter (1L) of 10% bleach.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes to allow adequate disinfection.
  4. Pour the waste-bleach mixture down the sink and flush with copious amount of water. 
  5. Log the treatment on your Treatment Log.

Liquid Biowaste Treatment Process


Chemical Disinfection Treatment Log

Chemically Disinfecting Biowaste Poster