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Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace human interaction to be as efficient and safe as the limitations of the human body allow. At Texas Tech, this primarily revolves around the office environment (i.e. sitting at a desk) and the majority of ergonomic assessments performed by Environmental Health and Safety involve evaluating office workplaces.

The ergonomics program at Texas Tech provides ergonomic assessments performed by Environmental Health and Safety staff with recommendations for any findings. Additionally, Environmental Health and Safety has partnered with leading office furniture suppliers to offer a demonstration lab of ergonomically designed chairs and desks so that employees can identify furniture that will provide the appropriate support and dimensions to alleviate ergonomic issues. To request a workplace ergonomic assessment please contact our office at 742-3876.

Ergonomic Quick Fact Card

Use of proper body positioning through ergonomics protects the health of the worker and improves productivity. Follow the guidelines in the image above to assume the most neutral seated position to prevent health issues.


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