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Monkeypox virons.  Photo Credit: Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regnery; CDC-PHIL.

EHS is dedicated to helping you find the information you need to help you make educated decisions about your personal safety while you live,  learn,  and work at Texas Tech. (Photo credit:   Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regnery; CDC-PHIL.)

Given that we have had confirmed cases of Monkeypox in Lubbock, we understand you maybe concerned. As with COVID19 and other communicable diseases, Texas Tech is committed to your health & safety.  To learn more about Texas Tech sanitation practices, watch this previously-released video from the Texas Tech Commitment initiative.  

If you have any questions about the TTU response to monkeypox, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at emergencymgmt@ttu.edu.  Links to current information about Monkeypox for campus, the CDC, and our state and local health departments is below.

Students:  If you suspect that you or someone you have been in close contact with has been infected, contact Student Health Services at (806) 743-2848 and additional instructions will be provided. 

In accordance with CDC guidelines, Texas Tech recommends that individuals who test positive for monkeypox isolate at their permanent residence for the duration of the illness, which typically lasts 14 to 28 days or until cleared by the local health department or their healthcare provider. Students who live on campus and are unable to return to their permanent residence should contact University Student Housing at housing.admin@ttu.edu and alternate arrangements will be made.

Faculty and Staff:  If you suspect that you or someone you have been in close contact with has been infected, contact your personal healthcare provider or the Faculty & Staff Clinic at the Health Sciences Center by calling 806-743-2345.

Campus Resources

Student Health Services

TTU Emergency Communications

CDC Links

Monkeypox FAQs (signs, symptoms, prevention, etc.)

What does monkeypox look like?(CDC graphic communication)

US Monkeypox Outbreak Summary

Information for People living in Congregate Living Settings (i.e. those dorms other housing where people who are not related reside in close proximity and share at least one common room)

What to do if you are sick

Disinfecting Your Home and Other Non-Healthcare Settings

Protecting your pets

Monkeypox in Animals(for Veterinarians)

Texas Department of State Health Services Links

Monkeypox homepage

City of Lubbock Links

Heath Department Homepage

Quarantine and Isolation Guide

21-day symptom log