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Huckabee College of Architecture First College to Receive President's Safety Award

October 2023

The Huckabee College of Architecture was honored as the first college recipient of the Presidential Departmental Excellence in Safety Award. The College has worked diligently to improve safety programs and culture within its scholarly activities for many years. Efforts have included clean out and reorganization of college shop spaces, implementation of a two part hybrid training program before use of shop spaces and sign in / out systems, dust collection systems, and  installation of AED and Trauma units in the building. 

The image gallery above shows the progress made in the shop environment. Improvements were also made in shop security and training. Individuals cannot access the shop spaces until training is completed. An online introduction and assessment is completed before a stamped wooden board is used to train students on equipment use.

Shop training tool

Students use various saws and drills utilizing different cutting techniques to demonstrate proficiency prior to shop access authorization. 

Shop managers within the College have also been active initiators and participants in the Shop Manager Safety Group including hosting the first meeting and starting the initiative with EHS.

shop manager meeting

Funding Impact

Architecture PPE and swag bagThe Huckabee College of Architecture (HCOA) used the funding to purchase college swag and personal protective equipment (PPE) for their students to keep and use while in the shop spaces. Once a student completes the hybrid shop training course, consisting of an online introductory course and in-person hands-on session with a shop leader using the stamped wooden board pictured above, they receive a bag from the shop team. They receive a draw string backpack, safety shirt, dust mask, hearing protection, safety glasses and lanyard. The PPE swag bags are well received by students. 

The PPE swag bags along with PPE stations (funded by HCOA) sends the message to shop users that they are committeed to ensuring PPE is used in shop areas.