Texas Tech University


Past Winners

Winners of the
11th Annual Arts & Humanities
Graduate Student Research Conference

Design Considerations

  • 1st Place – Eman Nasrallah
     Presentation Title: "Exploration of the Role of Perceived Environmental Affordances in Supporting Intergenerational Interaction, and Hence Loneliness in the Elderly"

Film Studies

  • 1st Place – Caleb Ward
    Presentation Title: "Walking the Line: Identifying Boundaries and Their Meaning as Related to Imperialism Within the Handmaiden."

Financial Concerns

  • 1st Place – Tanaka Chimbane
    Presentation Title: "The Correlates of the Preceived Retirement Saving Track"
  • 2nd Place – N H Manzur E Maula
    Presentation Title: "Geopolitical Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy"

Hospitality & Retail Management

  • 1st Place – Xiangyu Weng
    Presentation Title: "Creating Sustainability Culture and Norms: Understanding Moral Responsibility and Sustainability Practices"
  • 2nd Place – Atefeh Emadlou
    Presentation Title: "The Effectiveness of Fear Appeals in Promoting Pro-environmental Behaviors in Tourism Destinations: The Moderating Role of Culture and Individuals' Moral Obligation"

Human Behavior, Social Systems, and Issues

  • 1st Place – Akshata Balghare
    Presentation Title: "“Hey Google, What's a Deductible?” International Voices on the Us Healthcare System"
  • 2nd Place – Reda Rafei
    Presentation Title: "The Land is Gone and the Milk Generates Few Liras, Now What? Socio-Economic Struggle and the Daughters of Arous al-Thawra"

Literary Analysis

  • 1st Place – William Kariampuzha
    Presentation Title: "A Set Theoretic Notion of the Linguistic Meaning of Words"
  • 2nd Place – Zachary Brandner
    Presentation Title: "Negotiating Collective and Personal Agency in Contemporary Maya Literature"

Media & Communication

  • 1st Place – Sydney Brammer
    Presentation Title: "Perfect Bodies: An Investigation into the Impacts of Digital Social Aggression on the Body Image, Mental Health, and Relationships of Young Women"
  • 2nd Place – Ryan Martinez
    Presentation Title: "Focusing on Immediacy and Satisfaction in Father-Daughter Young Adult Relationships"

One-Act Play

  • 1st Place – Playwright: Charles Huges & Director: Kerstin Vaughn
    Prlay Title: "The Process"
  • 2nd Place – Director/Playwright: Garret Milton
    Play Title: "8:03"

Political Issues

  • 1st Place – Pablo Hernandez Borges
    Presentation Title: "The Long Search for a Safe Haven: A Cross-National Analysis of Peacefulness in Refugee-Receiving Countries"
  • 2st Place – Kerry Chavez
    Presentation Title: "Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Political Constraints, Suboptimal Military Strategies"

Visual & Performing Arts

  • 1st Place – Bradley Cawyer
    Presentation Title: "Syntactic Processing of Tonal Harmony: Evidence from Aphasia"
  • 2nd Place – Taylor Carmona
    Presentation Title: - "Melodic and Rhythmic Contour Transformation as an Organizing Principle in the Third Movement of Schoenberg's Wind Quintet"


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