Texas Tech University

Cayuse Personnel Registration Form


This form is for adding new personnel to the Cayuse Hazard Safety protocol manager so you, as the PI, can complete a protocol, or so your personnel or Co-PIs are available for you to list in the personnel section of your form. This form can also be used to make adjustments to these descriptor fields in Cayuse (e.g., change designation from graduate student to post doc).

Each lab member will need to complete the form (including the PI).  Generally speaking, this form should only be completed once per person.  If you have already added personnel to Cayuse for an IACUC application, you DO NOT need to complete this form for the IBC.

This form is NOT for adding or removing personnel on an existing protocol; PIs will need to complete those actions in Cayuse.  If personnel are no longer at TTU, please email the IBC office at ibc.ehs@ttu.edu to have them inactivated in Cayuse. 

Indicate whether personnel is new to cayuse or an existing entry need to be amended in cayuse (e.g., change designation from graduate student to post doc).
Enter the PI name. If you are the PI, enter "self" in the space provided
Please indicate if the protocol already exists in cayuse or is new to the system (new or transferred). Active protocol numbers can be entered in the field below.
Enter your name as you wish it to be entered into Cayuse. First and last name/sir name are required; middle initial is not necessary.
Enter your TTU email. Non-TTU individuals enter your business or best email contact.
This field is required for PIs.
Non-TTU individuals please enter NA.
Please select your designation.
Identify your primary role in Cayuse
Please describe the laboratory or field aspects of the research in which you will participate.
List any degrees, training (EHS- and lab-provided), years of experience or other information that demonstrates ability to perform the work.
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